Mitchell Lawler – Video Debut

Mitchell Lawler is an Edmonton based rapper working with Flavor on the release of his new video. The 8-Track Mixtape, New History, recorded by Jeff Eckert is scheduled for release early January. The Mixtape cover art was drawn by another artist with ties to Flavor, AJA Louden, who was featured in their Artist Series Ep. 2. This video has received a great reception so far and we’re really excited for his future releases.

Mitchell will be dropping more videos soon as well as appearing in one of Flavor’s upcoming videos promoting the drop of the December clothing line. If you’re interested in seeing Lawler perform live, has also been scheduled to appear at Hip-Hop On The Ave, a local charity event promoting Santas Anonymous hosted by Brothers Grim’s Stephen Komrade.

We sat Lawler down for a short short interview to give people a better idea of his basis as a rapper.

What inspired you the most to become and artist?

Looking at it now pretty much everything in my life has brought me to this point whether it’s be big or small. Some of the major influences that have led up to my musical existence are most certainly the success I’ve seen among other Hip Hop artists and just the genuine love and inspiration I felt when I listened to their music. Seeing it done by professionals and other locals cats really made me what to start doing it myself and once I started I couldn’t stop. I really found a passion that I don’t plan on putting on hold.

You are not very known in the local scene how do you plan to change that?

There’s a lot of things I plan to do to change my current renown in the local scene and beyond. I’m going to be releasing more professionally edited videos, like “Duke Westlake Cypher”, at least once a month and tease videos will be shared amongst my friends and fans. Also, I’m looking to have my first mix-tape ever titled “New History” to be released in early January. Of course, I want to continue working with the boys at Flavor for they have really done a lot for me through sponsorship and they have helped me grow on many levels. I’ll also being doing a series of local shows in the coming months, notably “Hip Hop on the Ave 5″ and “The Urban Showcase”.

What can we expect from you moving forward?

You can expect passion and consistency! I’ve put a lot of time and effort into executing my whole game plan I don’t plan to stop at all. This music moves me and I can only hope to move my listeners while helping grow the local Hip Hop and Arts scene to new heights.

Anything else you wanna add?

Yeah, I really want to thank all my friends and fans who have supported me up to this point for they have given me a huge boost with music! Your guys’ help has been invaluable and I’m so grateful to have you guys sharing the video with the world Keep the “Likes” and “Shares” coming because I’ll be back with new music.


The action took place at the shaw conference center and on the LRT. We wanted shots that would contrast the different vibes you can experience in winter. For instance the shots of the green lush plant setting of the shaw conference center contrasted well with the winter landscape of the valley and the sleek urban underground of the LRT.  We feel this is a great start for Flavor as a music video company, and shows we are multi-faceted for in our video editing talents. This track will be the first of many within the Mitchell Lawler, Flavor relationship.

-Nico Miatello, Editor, Flavor Clothing

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