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We recently sat down with Justin, founder and CEO of Sink or Swim clothing. S.O.S. is a lifestyle brand out of Edmonton, inspired by music, touring and extreme sports.

What keeps you going as a young entrepreneur?

The idea that since I started young with little to no knowledge, I am constantly learning along the way. The best teacher is experience and that’s my preferred learning style. I have learnt more with sos in 2.5 years than 3 years in business school… as bad as that sounds! haha

How does Sink or Swim stand out?

I think our supporters and fans are what make us stand out. The kind of people who support us [bands, artists, extreme athletes]  help brand us as who we are today and are our main reason we have so many fans.

Where did it all come from?

haha actually after I graduated while I was working in an office back home. The idea of a clothing line just sounded cool.  I didn’t expect much to come of it but it has come a long way!

Number one S.O.S. product right meow?

Probably our current raglan or from the past, our Stay Mint Tank or Sleeveless Hoody! those were gone quick.

What should we look forward to in the coming year?

Hopefully you will see us at more events around Canada and the US. Also, we hope to get some sweet cut and sew pieces out along with some sick collabs. We have some major projects on the way but we will keep you updated at our 


– Wade Stanley Earl Tompkins, Co-Founder, Flavor Clothing












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