Alexis Devilla

Alexis Devilla is the newest member of Bad Bitch Mentality and has been dancing since the age of 3. She has trained in many styles of dance including tap, ballet and jazz but found her true passion in hip-hop only 4 years ago. She previously trained at 3SB and is currently taking class at The Kore Dance Studio. Alexis also dances with Hot5auce Dance Crew and experienced great success with them last year. Alexis’ dance style emphasizes on lyricism and musicality and she isn’t afraid to take risks (she once played a tap-dancing penguin and has choreographed hip-hop to the Jonas Brothers). Her greatest influence in the hip-hop community is Alexander Chung.




Emily Armstrong

Emily is a well rounded dancer, training at studios such as Shelley’s Dance Company and 3SB. She trains in hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, ballet and has been dancing for 14 years. She has travelled all over North America for dance, most recently in New York, LA, Utah, Vegas, Vancouver, and Toronto. Emily’s most memorable performance was playing Dorothy in a hip-hop production of the Wizard of Oz and has received countless dance awards and scholarships.  Emily takes pride in having extremely long eyelashes, loves Big Sean and her dance style can be described as contemp-hop. Her major dance influences are Tucker Barkley and Allison Bradley.

Jackie Alexander

Jackie has been training for 13 years in hip-hop at Lecky’s School of Dance, 3rd Street Beat and the Kore Dance Studio. She has danced back-up for Juno-award winning artist Q.Benjamin and has performed at various events and benefits across Western Canada. In 2010, Jackie travelled to Los Angeles and trained at the internationally-recognized Millennium Dance Complex and Debbie Reynolds Studio. When she isn’t in the studio, you can find this Barbie building houses, as she is also a full-time carpenter. Jackie’s dance strengths include popping, animation and street styles and her influences are Poppin’ Pete, George Anzaldo and the Jabbawockeez.




Jordan Desharnais

Jordan has been dancing for five years and trains exclusively in hip-hop styles. At 15, she is Bad Bitch Mentality’s youngest member and also dances for Hot5auce Crew. She has trained at Art of Dance and 3rd Street Beat studios under many of Edmonton’s most recognized teachers and is currently training heavily at the Kore Dance Studio under Alex Chung and Carlo Atienza. Her dance inspirations are Chachi Gonzalez, Beyonce and CJ Damaso and her LA-style swagger (not her milkshake) brings all the boys to the yard.

Kayla Wiberg

Kayla has been a part of the Edmonton dance scene for many years and has been training in teaching ballet, tap, and jazz for over 15 years. Recently she has focused on training and teaching hip-hop and some of her biggest accomplishments include winning training scholarships from Shaun Evaristo and Gigi Torres, back- up dancing and choreographing for Bounce Showdown winner Justin Blais, and opening for artists such as America’s Best Dance Crew’s Fanny Pak, Supreme Soul, and Super Crew, Kreesha Turner, and Sean Kingston. Kayla’s sexy yet precise style has been influenced by many west coast choreographers such as Shaun Evaristo, Laura Edwards, Jackie Lautchang and Keone Madrid, but lately she has been greatly inspired by Parris Goebel and all of Request Crew from New Zealand.




Kelly Weatherbee

Kelly Weatherbee has been dancing for many years. She has studied jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop at local dance studios for many years. Later in her career she started expanding her training and studied styles in East Indian Cultural Dance and many different branches of hip-hop. Kelly had the privilege of performing in the 2010 Grey Cup Half Time Show and in Disney Land in 2010. She has traveled to Vancouver, Calgary, Los Angeles and New York to further her dance training. Her choreographic style is on the lyrical hip-hop side. From ballet to hard-hitting hip-hop she combines several techniques from all areas of her training into her choreography. Kelly started teaching at DanceCo 3 years ago and is most inspired by her students.  Kelly is also a Bachelor of Science student at the U of A and can dissect a frog like nobody’s business.




Macha Abdallah

Macha has been passionate about performing since day one. She has trained in many styles from contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical to Hip Hop at Lecky School of Dance, 3rd Street Beat and most recently, the Kore Dance Studio. Macha has been a cheerleader for the Edmonton Eskimos and is also a Artist/Musician who sings back-up for International Artists. She plays guitar and the piano. Macha is heavily involved in the local arts scene and most notably, was nominated for the Northlands Award Emerging Artist and 2011 Mayor’s Celebration for the Arts. Received the 2010 Cultural Diversity in the Arts Award, presented by the Edmonton Arts Council and many more. Macha’s main goals include attaining Youtube fame and taking over the world. Macha’s movement relies on finding the groove element in all street music and cites her dance inspirations as Tricia Miranda and Luam.




Sarah Dharshi

Sarah Dharshi is the founder of Bad Bitch Mentality and has been dancing for 16 years. Previously trained in various Bollywood styles at Sitare Productions, she is now focused on hip-hop and trains at 3rd Street Beat and the Kore Studios. Highlights of her dance career include dancing for artists like the Juno-award winning Q. Benjamin, Justin Blais and Mia Martina, receiving a scholarship to Millennium Dance Complex, training in Los Angeles at MDC and Debbie Reynolds Studio and choreographing her own piece for Edmonton’s first Choreographers Ball; “kinesis”. Sarah is a wombat enthusiast, tea addict and Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Alberta. Her dance style combines sexy femininity with hard-hitting swag and her dance influences include Laurie-Ann Gibson, CJ Damaso and Gigi Torres.



Sarah Ranger

Sarah Ranger has spent the last 20 years dedicating her time to the arts. She has studied ballet, modern, tap, jazz and most recently hiphop. She has performed in various regional and national dance competitions as well as performing with a local dance company, “3rd Street Beat”, in China August 2010. Her love for the arts extends not only through movement but through voice as well. She captured the stage with her quirky charm as Rhoda in the Festival Place production of “White Christmas” and last winter, she was featured in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and “Crazy for You”, and played Patti Lupone with Edmonton Musical Theatre’s “Ladies in Lights”. Sarah currently teaches at Variations and Ward School of Dance and also back-up dances for local artist Justin Blais. Her dance style combines classic Broadway with new school LA styles of hip-hop and when it comes to hip-hop, there is NO mistaking that booty :).



Tahnee Rae

Tahnee Rae, a full time entertainer, dances with local hip hop groups BBM, UnderDox and NXG Company. Though previously trained in all styles of dance, Tahnee recently trains mainly in hip hop at 3rd Street Beat and The Kore dance studio. She has had several performance opportunities such as dancing on Carnival Cruise Ships, in Disney land, Sea world and has choreographed and performed aside local artist Justin Blais. Tahnee is a social-media fiend, Zooey Deschanel fan and has recently explored her love of singing through the newly established singing group, 3SGlee.  Tahnee’s biggest style influences are Jerome Esplana, Brian Puspos and Lando Wilkins.



Taylor Kiryluik

Taylor started dancing at a young age and has trained extensively in all areas of dance throughout the Edmonton region. Dance has allowed Taylor to travel the world where she has performed and trained in Spain, London, Los Angeles and Miami. She found her niche in contemporary and hip-hop; she teaches at Dance Soul and also performs with MOD Dance Company. She is currently in her second year at the University of Alberta studying to attain her Bachelor of Arts with a major in art and design. Taylor loves fashion and music, but is a big nerd and really loves Harry Potter.






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