dancED Movement Project


DancED movement project uses the movement of our bodies to music as a form of learning medium for children. With music and dance though, often kids with disabilities can be left behind with the assumption they can’t perform. Krista and Andrea, the founders of the company, wanted to prove that this didn’t have to be the case. In this video we follow them along with their students at the Alberta School for the Deaf as they tell us how they and their students, inspired a whole new movement of dance programs and why having programs like this for students is so important.

The video showcases how much each student has changed since the start of the program. They tell us how inspired they are and how much they love to dance to the rhythm. We later bring in some of the faculty to tell the audience about how the program has helped their school and the students in their curriculum. As a whole the video tells the audience through the client’s words how a program like this can help other schools with their special requests or needs.



To learn more about the dancED Movement project by Krista and Andrea check out their website: