Jimi Hendrix Mural By AJA Louden

Our friends over at The Needle Vinyl Tavern had hired AJA Louden to add some art to their new space on Jasper ave and we were there to capture the entire process. Over the course of 4 nights the amazing piece came to life on the covered brick wall.

We decided to use a combination of Time Lapse photography along side our normal video filming to combine them in a way that shows the evolution of the art and how many layers go into the finished product. Over 7000 still images were taken along with a bunch of video from the new Canon C100mKII camera. By using a large jib arm we were able to get some really cool perspective shots from various angles inside the room. Thankfully the Victor Lounge VIP area also gave us a great platform for capturing Adrian paint as well.


Once we got to the editing stage it took over 60 hours to go through all the footage and put together the time lapse sequences. Once we got the best sequences arranged we filled in the gaps with our video footage. We wanted to have things transition as smooth as possible to trying to match up shots and camera movement was a bit tough but we are very happy with the end result.



Special thanks to our friend Tyler over at Khost music for putting together an amazing remix of the classic Jimi Hendrix song All Along The Watch Tower.

Be sure to head down to The Needle to see the art in person! You can check out the branding video we created for The Needle below: